We are producing a 4-part drama series which is being filmed in Crawley and West Sussex areas. The series is focused on tackling crime in West Sussex and helping to bring safer streets to West Sussex. The series explores themes like County Line Drug dealing, Anti-Social behaviour, Domestic Violence, Knife Crime, Cyber Crime & stories which have stemmed from Covid Isolation. We are working in partnership with Sussex Police, Crawley Borough Council, Sussex Community Foundation & Gatwick Airport Community Trust. The project is 75% funded by our commercial profits and has opened many opportunities for young people in the local area to get involved with learning filmmaking. Find out more by watching our video below!

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Stars of the Show

ROMEO. HOTEL. ELEVEN has cast many young people from Crawley and the surrounding area to play the cast of the series. The mission was to cast many local aspiring actors to co-star with other professionals. This was part of our desire to help bring opportunity of discovery plus help up-skill actors locally. The series lead actor is Rishi Nair who played Sammi Malik in Channel 4’s Hollyoaks & also introduces boxer Joseph Parker (Former WBO World Heavyweight Champion). 

Rishi Nair

Playing Jaye

Michael Oram

Playing Danny

Tommy Gene Surridge

Playing Lewis

Carla Deacon

Playing Lexi

Ashleigh-Ann French

Playing Isla

Joseph Parker

Playing The Kiwi

David Mensah

Playing Ezra

Liam Oram

Playing Cutch

Natali Servat

Playing Anya

Michael Schiniou

Playing Mr Killick

Oscar Chilton

Playing Jake

Jack Rolf

Playing Malachi

Aidan Jennings

Playing Alfie

Tegan Muggeridge

Playing Jodi

Barney Moseley

Playing Charlie


behind the scenes

breaking boundaries with opportunity

We worked with many young people from the RH postal code area behind the scenes to help give them training and opportunity to be working on a professional film set. They were tasked in different departments giving them a chance to learn & try different areas within the film industry. These departments included training and experience in: Writing, Producing, Directing, Camera, Lighting, Sound, Rigging, Costume, Hair & Make-up, Stunts etc. Here’s a compilation of behind the scene pictures showcasing their time working on the series over the 2022 summer holidays.