We set up Crawley Film Initiative (CFI), which is a community interest company that helps mentor and train young people between the ages of 16 to 25 in film production activities. Our main ethos at the CFI is to help young people grow to become project leaders and use our programme as way to launch a film career. 


We do this by helping them produce short powerful narrative films which tackle social issues within the local community. Our membership helps offer the community a chance to attend Workshops, TEDTalks and working on set with industry established professionals. 


Our mission is to help those from Crawley and the RH postal code area find a platform to learn, explore and most importantly create films. If you’d like to find out how to apply to become a member please do complete our application form on the contact page

We look forward to collaborating with you

Crawley Film Initiative Team

Meet The team

Callum Johnston

Head of Development

With 14 years experience working in film, Callum leads Crawley Film Initiative with the full understanding of how to achieve a career in film. Callum grew up in Bewbush and studied at Ifield Community College.


Callum had already created local projects RH11 & Crossed Paths before he was 20 and then received a full scholarship to attend the NYFA (New York film academy).

Upon returning to the UK he began writing and directing Little District which premiered at the Cannes Film festival. Beginning his career in front of the camera it is at this stage he started to understand his passions burned to be behind the camera moving onto producing films full time.

In 2014 Callum finished writing The Forbidden Note which was a controversial romance drama about a Muslim girl falling in love with a Non-Muslim. This film premiered at Cannes 2015 before releasing on Amazon Prime in 2017.

This experience has lead Callum to focus on creating projects that explore societal themes within film, which is a prime focus for him on all future projects. 

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Jacob Punter

Head of Production

Jacob is a 20 year old cinematographer based in Horsham, West Sussex. He discovered his passion for film at a young age where he began creating animation in his earlier years before moving into film when he brought his first camera at the age of 13. After a few years of shooting passion projects to develop his love for filmmaking, he began to shoot music videos for local musicians whilst at school.


This grew into creating with more artists from across the UK which lead to be him becoming an established music video producer in the South East. The enjoyment from that is what led him down the path to peruse a career in narrative filmmaking. He continued making music videos, low budget commercials and short films before heading to college to study digital arts and media. After a year Jacob left this course as he didn’t feel he was gaining much from it and decided to take on being freelance full time. Jacob has said that he felt he needed to learn from more hands on experience in order to grow his skillset further. Jacob shares the same ethos as the initiative which both believe you best learn when doing. 


To date as a freelance cinematographer, Jacob boasts an impressive resume with 50+ music videos under his belt, alongside a number of other projects varying from documentaries, commercials, and a feature film.

Emily Steere

Head of Sound Design

Emily first discovered a love for film at a young age when watching the behind the scenes featurettes, keen to learn as much about the industry as possible. This fascination with film led to Emily studying Film and Television production at the University of York. 

At university Emily was able to learn about multiple different roles in both film and television. After trying her hand in several departments Emily discovered an aptitude and intense passion towards sound, going on to study and practice sound with further depth whilst at York. 

Emily tallied up a number of projects whilst she was at university as well as outside of academics that cover a variety of genres. She recently graduated and has been keen to explore the professional environment further but the Covid-19 pandemic has restricted in her ability to do so.

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Mark kipling

Head of Post-Production

Mark has spent much time in the post-production world of video and filmmaking. All the while, aiming to work on projects that will help inspire and encourage others to find their artistic sides, or bring awareness to issues that affect people in both local communities and around the world.

At the CFI, Mark believes that the best thing one can do with a skill is pass it on to others, with the desire that those tips and tricks will allow them to have an outlet for their own ideas and creativity. He also believes the best way to achieve that is through learning by doing; a strong ethos here at the Crawley Film Initiative.


Mark continues to find time for feature work, having worked in a technical role on a World War 2 feature film entitled, ‘Eleven’, about the men who remained in the trenches during the dying days of the war (2018). This picture premiered in London, and found a home for itself on Sky On Demand.


In 2019, he cut the feature documentary “One Night in Al-Aqsa”, for a company that specialises in Islamic based films, concentrating on the Masjid Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem. After completion, it premiered at Leicester Square and had a successful UK cinema tour up until early 2020.