supporting the next generation of filmmakers

Cultural film hub

The cultural film hub is funded by our profits & assets. We use company profits to fund our community film hub which allows young people from the RH postal code area gain support in their film career. 

Our cultural film hub is located inside

Crawley Museum.


The hub remains open and able to deliver

free training to young people because of funds

from our commercial profits and grant funding

Helping to up-skill young people

Find out how our cultural hub is used to help support young people by up-skilling them in key social/interpersonal & technical skills. Our space offers the latest Mac Suites that young people can learn editing software on. We deliver a host of workshops which include creative writing, budgeting & planning, filmmaking, sound design, editing and Stunts + many more. Our workshops can be delivered at our hub or in your workplace or venue / school / college etc.

Click on our workshop page to find out more. 



Our mission is to get young people on professional sets working alongside fellow professionals allowing them to get vital hands on experience. This hub is a perfect support network for young people in college or universities and can give You an opportunity to get on set whilst you’re still learning.

If you are between the ages of 16-25 and from the RH postal code area you are eligible to become a member of The Crawley Film Initiative. 

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training & workshops

Our mission is to help up-skill young people and boost their

opportunity to take transferable skills into the workplace. 

Our cultural hub is a registered learning provider and delivers a

range of training opportunities for people between 16 – 25.  




Each year we help produce video content for charities and other registered NGO’s. We use our profits to produce content for a discounted fee. 

From September 2023 we will invite a committee panel to help us use our resources to provide free video content for important social projects.  Our chosen focus points will be released in a company statement in January 2023. 

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We’re producing a 4-part drama series called ROMEO. HOTEL. ELEVEN. The series is working in connection with multiple different organisations to help provide safer streets in Sussex and deter Young People away from County Line Drug dealing. 

The series stars Rishi Nair (Hollyoaks) and boxer Joseph Parker (Former WBO heavyweight Champion). Our mission was to bring professionals on set with our young learners and help up-skill them by giving them hands on job roles. 

Numbers Speak

since Sept 2020 Our community work has helped young people and the town grow

Community Projects Completed
0 +
Over 100 Students Trained On Set With Us
£ K+
Money Raised for Local NGOs & Charity sector
Over 200 Films Submitted to Our Festival​