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We have a range of video marketing services which cover a wide scope of corporate videos.


  • Our subscription package brings solid value for many companies we help grow through video marketing.
  • Our bespoke brand promos help products and services reach a wider audience.
  • We can help film your companies live event & stream it anywhere in the world.
  • Our in-house editors can help manage videos you may have already created but need support editing with.

Reach out today and lets us know how we can help transform your business with video marketing. 

Video marketing is an essential tool all businesses need to gain a competitive edge. With so many products & services on the market it’s vital you have engaging content to reach your clients or customers. Check out our retainer packages below to find out how we can save you time, money & energy when you outsource this to us. 

We are a video production company which takes pride in building brands by producing high quality & engaging content / promos. Reach out with a brief and see how our creativity can help your product or services go further through video. 

Our production team can capture live events & stream them anywhere in the world. Please email us and send a brief outline of the work so we can organise a quote. 

Our in-house edit team can offer post-production support for any video content you have produced. If you have too many videos and need supporting with editing, colouring & sound design please do contact us. 

Video Subscription Package

In-depth content production from development, support, planning, filming, editing & mastering for distribution. Our subscription package gives you control of your content but without needing to worry about turning content out on time. Our film experts will take pride in developing your content, supporting your ideas and bring unique creation to each video. 


**Depending on distance travel and accommodation costs could be applied to film shoots outside of West Sussex & the UK. Our office is based in Crawley right next to Gatwick Airport giving us access to Europe in less than a few hours. 

Content production

£ 3,750
Per Month
  • 1 Full Day filming up to 3x videos produced
  • Film Anywhere in the UK**
  • Film Anywhere in Europe**
  • Production Support & Planning
  • Full Video Editing
  • Unlimited Licensed Music
  • Unlimited Stock footage
£45,000.00 p.a.

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