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Woodzy (L), Suli Breaks (C), & Broken Pen (R)

We produced this music video called Poetry & Rhyme collaborating with Woodzy, Suli Breaks & Broken Pen.

We worked with young people on this project giving them a full understanding of how a music video can be put together on a smaller budget.

 This was an exciting project for us all to work on and we’re very proud of the final results. 

We had the pleasure to develop, design and produce this video for The Hawth theatre. Over the past year and a half COVID has severely affected the creative industry putting a massive burden on the creative industry including this theatre.


The Hawth plays a vital role in the town and is responsible for bringing the community together to celebrate national talent as well as championing local projects.

We are proud to announce that we’re in production with our first in-house short film OVER TO ME. 


We will be collaborating with Writer & Director Noah Stratton-Twine on this project which is currently in pre-production. Filming commences July 2021 with a view to release the film at Everyman Cinema in Horsham. 

View Noah’s previous work – |

Here you will find two films we produced for Creative Crawley. A trailer to promote the RIGHT HERE FESTIVAL plus a highlight film of the festival itself. 


Creative Crawley exists to establish a reputation for Crawley as a creative place beyond its boundaries.


The festival brought together many people from all different creative backgrounds. 

We produced a promotional video plus a series of short videos for Crawley Town Community Foundation which highlight the incredible things Crawley Town FC do within the community. 

Our initiative is very proud to produce content with this organisation as they align perfectly with our vision to create impacting community films.  

Some of the themes we’ve helped them tackle include mental health, equal opportunity, disability in sport, education.